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Family Law

Divorce can be one of the most difficult things you will ever face. Many decisions are required during this emotional time. The decisions you make during a divorce often impact your life years later. An attorney csan help you make the best decisions for you by advising you about the law and how a court is likely to rule, what to expect from a divorce process, and what your life and the lives of your children will look like after the divorce is final. I take your problems seriously. I am here to fight for you and to help you during this difficult time.


Most people charged with DUI have never faced a criminal charge before. They are good people who had no intention to break any law. They often do no understand the legal system or know where to turn for sound advice. Further, they are often upset and feel they were not treated fairly by the law enforcement, yet they may feel a level of shame associated with the DUI charge. I have handled hundreds of DUI cases, as either a prosecuting attorney or a defense attorney and am eager to assist those charged with DUI.


It is never ones intention to get a divorce when they say their vows, but however it is a harsh reality many of us have faced or may do so in the future. We make sure to look at every detail and possible outcome when dealing with a Divorce and focus heavily on making this as smooth as possible.

Criminal Defense

From misdemeanors to felony crimes, we are here to help those who are going through a rough time in their lives and need someone who actually cares, listens and fights for their justice.

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