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I handle Family Law, Criminal Defense and DUI cases in Tri-Cities, Washington and all surrounding areas. My objective is to ensure that each client receives excellent representation and is kept informed about their case and potential outcomes. As my client you will have peace of mind knowing that I will work alongside you to ensure that you remain informed about your case and potential outcomes.

Each case is different and can at times be complicated for you to handle on your own. As an experienced lawyer and someone who has hired an attorney in the past, I understand the importance of communication and honesty between my clients and myself. I pride myself in my abilities to communicate and educate those involved. Contact my office today for your free consultation. (509) 736-9959 or stop by our local office located at 6855 W Clearwater Ave Suite A103, Kennewick, WA 99336

Latest questions and answers

1What is your best advice to a person seeking help in Family Law?

Be prepared. Have questions ready and be organized. Most initial consultations are 30 minutes to an hour. This meeting may be emotional and require you to think about issues you would rather avoid. Yet, you want your attorney to understand your situation. The initial consultation will only begin to address the complexities of your case. But, by the end of this consultation you should have a feel for whether you want to work with the attorney and whether you have confidence in the attorney's skills. To accomplish these goals you must be prepared before the consultation begins.

Similarly, once you retain an attorney, be prepared each time you contact your attorney. Most attorneys charge by the hour and have a minimum charge for each contact. Thus three short phone calls may cost three times as much as one brief phone call addressing three issues. Your ability to address multiple issues during a single conversation will save you money.

2What is your best advice to someone who is seeking help in a DUI case?

That depends upon the circumstances of the person seeking help. Are they calling from the road, from the jail, (after already being arrested but before a breath test is administered), or are they seeking help only after losing a pre-trial motion. Each situation requires different counsel.

One thing that everyone stopped locally for DUI should know is that while they are not required to take the breath test at the jail or police station. If you refuse that test the officer will obtain a warrant for your blood, your blood will be drawn and analyzed, the Department of Licensing will take your license administratively - whether you win or lose your trial 0 and if you lose your trial your penalty will be more severe than had you simply given a breathe sample above .08.

3Do you handle cases outside of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland?

Yes. Although the majority of my work is in the Tri-Cities, I handle cases from Walla Walla to Yakima. Occasionally I handle cases in locations farther from home, such as Cle Elum, Daytom or Pullman. However, those cases are usually for existing clients.

4What would you say to someone on the fence about hiring and attorney versus trying to handle a case on their own?

There is an old proverb sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln that says "He who represents himself has a fool for a client." I believe this is particularly true in such personal and emotional matters as divorce, child custody, and criminal defense.

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